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Welcome to my passion project page! 


In here, you can find out more about some of the projects I am passionate about and have worked on over the years. This will also be where I share my latest work when they are ready to come out of the oven.


Here are some clinical endeavours & domains of passion:

SafeTALK trainings

This is a suicide-awareness training for the general public. During the number of years I served as a trainer, this is something I hold close to heart. Not only does it promote awareness in the community, it doubles up as a self-care reminder. To be a carer, some needs to care of yourself.

Perinatal Support

Pregnancy and childbirth comes with it a myriad of considerations & experiences. Commonly but not always a positive experience, I feel the importance of supporting clients in aspects surrounding this delicate period of life. For some, it may be something they experienced during this period that continues to impact them. 

Polyvagal Theory

Having worked closely with patients of various clinical diagnoses, one thing of common is the fluctuation of emotions beyond manageable range. The physiological basis of this can be understood via the Polyvagal Theory by Dr Stephen Porges. Through continuous clinical training and exploration, this continues to be an area of focus for me.

Mental well-being

Other ventures surrounding holistic health:


The traditions and philosophies of yoga is something that is close to my heart. Yet, one of the key aspects which I take away personally and have been teaching in yoga and therapy is breath work. Specifically, I emphasise on the importance of seeing one's breath as an ally of life and how to work alongside it.


I believe that, beyond efforts surrounding individuals, communities as a collective need to be guided towards healing. This is counter-intuitive from the achievement-focused, fast-paced nature of our first world culture. Whenever opportunity allows, this will be an aspect I shower additional attention and would like to continue contributing towards change.


What has the environment got to do with mental health, you might ask. When one lives more integrated within, I believe that humans come to realise that we are simply a differentiated form of nature. Hence, efforts in resolving trauma (i.e. a form of splitting of our psyche) naturally brings us back to want to live in harmony with nature. A natural inclination to care for the environment.

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