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Counselling & Psychotherapy

What is counselling/psychotherapy?

  • In a client-centric way, the therapist will guide you to establish a sense of safety and together, explore, resolve and integrate the different aspects of concerns that you bring to session.

  • Click on the button below for brief information on what to expect:



**Online therapy is available only upon therapist's evaluation after first few face to face sessions. Feel free to check in with Jo-an at your next appointment!

Case Work Supervision (Mental Health)

What is case management?

  • Taking on case management work is an invitation to become a catalyst for change, beyond a supportive person in the healthcare system.

  • It requires negotiating between patient advocacy and clinical intervention work.

Support in supervision

  • Embodying the understanding that formulation is a dynamic process - expanding from a solid psychological formulation to integrate multi-disciplinary perspectives that is veracious across contexts.

  • Developing a balance between deepening clinically-relevant skills and being adept in navigating mental healthcare ecosystem.

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